Tuesday, March 31, 2015

2015 States Recap Video

A HUGE thank you to Erica Marland and Sean Pokorney for putting this together and to all the DECA members who appeared in the video!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

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Friday, March 20, 2015

State Competition Results

Going to Nationals

Gabby Demeo 1st Place
Entrepreneurship Innovation Plan

Tess Anderson and Mary-Kate Maggliozzi 3rd Place
Buying and Merchandising Operations Research

Ben Hart, Cam Jesson, and Brandon Baldwin 4th Place
Finance Operations Research

Kaitlyn Thorogood, Andrea Labonte, and Kylie Schneck 4th Place
Hospitality and Tourism Operations Research

Top Ten In the State

Wilson Fay, Catie Kiernan, and Mike Curtin

Brianna Murphy and Cayla Murphy

Harry Ashline, Owen Fay, and Jake Fire

Justin Olson, Dan Richards

Lucas Delisle

Dan Kline, Nick Tesini, and Tyler Hopkins

Morgan Vincent and Meghan Joyce

Jackie Laquidara

Matt Allaire and Kyle Tremblay

Kelly Poole, David Czapkowski, and Emilia Bernasconi

Rebecca Worden

Stephanie Rucinkski

Drew Anderson and Sean Pokorney

Monday, January 19, 2015

DECA District 5 Competition Results - January 13th, 2015

Nashoba DECA participated in the DECA District 5 Competition in Chelmsford this past Tuesday, January 13th. Nashoba DECA had 38 of the 62 members at the competition advance on to the state competition.  These 38 Chieftains will be joined by 58 more members who automatically qualified previously.

96 DECA Members will be competing at the State Competition in Boston from March 12-14.

To help sponsor our trip please email Mr. Andreopoulos

Below are the results from the district competition:

Entrepreneurship Innovation Plan
1st Place                Taylor Tambolleo, Kassidy Valliere, and Larissa Plishevsky
2nd Place               Lucas Delisle
3rd Place               Claire Wanamaker and Sidney Lowe
4th Place               Gabby Demeo
6th Place               Nick Tesini, Dan Kline and Tyler Hopkins
7th Place (tie)        Nikkiah Snoddy, Nicole Tomassi, and Spencer Schryver
7th Place (tie)        Amanda Miller, Kelly Ryan, and Alexandra Wilson

Entrepreneurship Written
4th Place               Morgan Vincent and Megan Joyce
6th Place               Richard Stamos and Jack Hurd

International Business Plan
2nd Place               John Vasington, Beth Senior, and Steven Jiang
3rd Place               Brooke Perisho, Brenden McMullen, and Egan Bachtell
5th Place               Sean Pokorney and Andrew Anderson

Sports and Entertainment Promotion Plan
2nd Place               Matt Allaire and Kyle Tremblay
3rd Place               Eli Boots and Casey Elkins

Advertising Campaign
3rd Place               Rebecca Worden
5th Place               Nicole Boucher and Travis Macko
7th Place               Jack O’Connor

Quick Serve Restaurant Management
2nd Place               Jackalyne Laquidara

Principles of Finance
4th Place               Justin Livoli